Our wonderful brain

via Daily Prompt: Jolt

Our convoluted brain is actually larger than it appears. Stretching of its circuitous labyrinths will cover a large surface area. Every inch holds numberless pieces of data that increase before we can think. We should have no fear of brain overload or loss of its capacity to receive and hold information: it boasts an intricate network that receives, processes,  stores, and retrieves information when necessary.

However, the brain has a complex system of sorting and storing its data to facilitate the smooth running of our bodies. Therefore, it will file or archive information that is not needed for immediate use in its memory bank and retrieve it in the split of a second. This complex organ is responsible for solving mathematical equations, weaving a spellbinding tale, creating symphonic music, shooting with precision, and weeping for the loss of a loved one.

Day after day, the brain will carry out unlimited tasks that may go unnoticed. Our brains are so well-coordinated with other parts of our nervous system that most mundane activities that we do every day are effortless. Sometimes, automation in our work causes us to become over-confident, and we make mistakes. Take, for example, an experienced factory worker who has worked with a machine for a long time and stops paying attention to precise details as he did at the beginning of his employment. He ignores safety rules once in a while because he knows his job. However, one day he looks away from his work, and the sleeve of his shirt is caught between the sharp teeth of his machine and jolts him back into “safety mode.”

It takes something different or extraordinary to move us out of our comfort zones because we do not adapt readily to strangeness. Our brain is what helps us to cope with anything that is unfamiliar by sending signals in our bodies to warn us of danger or jolting us back to normalcy if we are distracted.

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