To laugh or not to laugh?


To laugh or not to laugh is a question that demands an affirmative response. Yes, there is a time for everything including laughter. Hopefully, it gets more space than fits of rage, frowns, hateful speech, profanity, and tears. We should see more appearances of smiles and laughter if we take the time to chart our emotional behavior throughout each day.

Not every day will be a rosy one because life happens. Mixed in with the pleasant things of life, like the birth of a baby is the tragic death of a loved one; the knitting together of two young hearts together in marriage is later eclipsed by a bitter divorce, and the list continues. Nevertheless, we can choose to buckle under the negative emotions that may come from experiencing unpleasantness, or we can give it cursory attention and laugh our way out. That is not to say we do not allow ourselves to grieve if there is occasion, but to focus on grief for an extended period until it starts to rob us of our joy is not wholesome.

Laughter is the best medicine. Do you want to be┬áhealed from emotional hurt or release stress? Laugh. Even physical pain can be mitigated by a healthy dose of laughter, whether it’s an inward chuckle or a deep belly roll. Nothing disarms an opponent or clears the air like laughter. A smile, a chuckle, a giggle, a laugh till you cry display, or whatever fits the moment expression of laughter – do it for the sake of your emotional well-being!

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