Who am I and why am I here?

I am a woman with a dream. I want to write about what’s in my gut and pray that someone will read it and say, “I never thought about this way, but it stirs something in me,” or “I can relate to this.” Hopefully, my writing will also evoke action.

I also want to speak to thousands, even millions of people about my most cherished passion and that is about the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ. My faith in God is the pivot of my life, and everything turns with it. I do not have a platform to express my beliefs to a large audience. Therefore, blogging will serve as an avenue for me to reach a large group of people.

Part of my dream has already been realized because I published a non-fiction in 2017. It is based on the women in Christ’s genealogy. I also have an E-book under my belt: It is an anthology of poems relating to the Crucifixion. My next accomplishment is to gain a market for my books. At this time, success in this area remains elusive. However, I will continue to hope for the best outcome.

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